Our Story

APOA (A Piece of Art) is a brand born in 2023 in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Each collection helps to establish the founder Noura, Sara, and Mashael’s love language via couture accessories. Together with their lead designer, the founders have opted to combine culture, architecture, fashion, travel, and design as their key sources of influence, with the pieces being every bit Saudi as they are global. Having the collections be designed between Barcelona and Riyadh, and precisely manufactured in Italy, APOA is most certainly a global brand with key local messaging. In the designers' own words, “We want our pieces to be small wearable sculptures sought out by all. APOA is a brand injected with strong Saudi DNA, but speaks to a global audience and collector. Our tribute to the longstanding heritage of pearl diving is at the forefront of our first collection. It’s a means by which we put our Arab roots on full display. The diversity that our precious kingdom offers is mirrored in the pieces that have been crafted with much mindfulness.


Partnering with one of the best ateliers in the world, each piece is meticulously crafted and handmade to perfection in Italy. We prioritize comfort without sacrificing style and detail. Quality is fundamental, and at the heart of APOA’s core.


As a budding brand, we are keenly focused on the environment as well - taking that responsibility with utmost seriousness by minimizing waste, avoiding the usage of unnecessary plastic and ensuring our products have long and healthy life cycles.


Embracing nature as a source of inspiration has been the designers' starting point. This is evident via the organic curves and shapes of the pieces. Volumes, color, and textures in nature are key, and deeply embedded within APOA designs.

For us, inspiration comes in both direct and indirect forms, and we’re endlessly purveying knowledge and an understanding of what we can achieve from a design point of view when it comes to our jewelry, whether it be close to home in the forms of studying our natural and architectural landscapes, to exploring the galaxies in outer space, our research and interests strive to be limitless when putting together collections, both present and future.

"Every journey we take in life is special, but there are some that will always stick out as particularly monumental and formative. Such journeys are imbued with feelings of love, excitement, devotion, and learning. That's what APOA has been for me over the last year. Together, I hope to see Noura, Sara and Mashael's vision soar to great heights."

Anum Bashir - Creative Consultant


In a post covid world, what does jewelry design look like for the fashion enthusiast? Women taking on different roles, be it mother, friend, and/or working woman are returning to a normal we once fondly remember. People are once again dressing up, and bulking up their wardrobes with marvelous creations - we want APOA to be part of that new dialogue that shapes the way in which people shop and dress themselves. The APOA woman is a risk taker, but she’s also immensely timeless and elegant. She might have an edge, but admires beauty and craftsmanship.