Saudi fashion house, Leem, has unveiled its highly anticipated collaboration with APOA, a distinguished name in couture jewellery, in celebration of the upcoming Saudi Founding Day. The collection promises a fusion of contemporary design and traditional essence, showcasing a compelling narrative of Saudi culture.

The collaboration between Leem and APOA exemplifies the power of unity, creativity, and heritage. The limited-edition collection features carefully-tailored pieces with striking details, meticulous embroidery and exclusive metal detailing with each unique piece paired with show-stopping jewellery from APOA’s chic creations. Designed in eye-catching hues, the colour palette revolves around two staple shades; sleek black and royal green, with touches of silver and bold gold accents.

The collaboration finds resonance in shared brand values, emphasising the robust and lasting contributions of both Leem and APOA’s to the world of fashion. Representing a significant moment for Saudi fashion, this capsule collection marries traditional sartorial expressions with a modernised perspective.